What's Inside?

Here are a few things that the book covers to help you save time and money from costly mistakes! I cover as much of the build as possible, the rail assembly, jig construction, glues, tools, and a lot of variations in design and construction to customize your board, and adapt to your materials. I think you will be surprised at how easy it can be!

Table of Contents:

Pg. Topic

1 Getting Started

2 A Word about Glues & Tools

3 Materials & Equipment

4 Timeless Triangle Rail Method/Blueprint Mods

6 To Spoon or Not To Spoon

7 Cutting Ribs and Spine

8 Making a Rocker Jig

10 Making a Ripping Jig

12 Gluing the Decks Together

13 Assembling the Spine and Ribs

14 Cutting/Attaching Rail Strips

17 Inner Elements

18 Nose/Tail Blocks (Inner)

20 Attaching the Top Deck

22 Nose/Tail Blocks (Outer)

25 Finishing Work/ Venting

26 Fins/ Glassing

27 OOPS! (AKA Happy mistakes)

28 Assembly Illustrations

31 Links