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Sand Lapper's 9'3" Scrap lumber Longboard

Eric Den's 8' Mini LB

Eric Den's 5'11" Fish

From Daniel In Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Hi Chad !

I have a few things to tell you. First, congrats on your manual ( I read your 2nd version ), it is very clear. Your rail method is awesome, really the best one I found. You know I used B&C (bead and cove) for my first project, but i was a little bit too complicated. So the rail method you discovered is way superior. Congratulations on that. It is so simple, so efficient and good looking at the same time.

Glad to know you have updated you Manual and Plans with the rail layout, that's a big plus, and even easier for the customer ! When I first read the manual and saw the Plans, I didn't get how should I tune the plans to fit the strips ... after reading the manual, all became clear ! Very easy, but even better if the plan has the final outline considering the rail strip angles.

Thanks for your email, maybe I will get the 5 8.



Danny B's Retro Fish

Grant's new obsession!

From David Gallagher in Southern California:

"(My board is) ready for glass....out of all the methods I've used I thought yours was the best.

Just though I'd let you know."

Also Check out more of David's work at

This review is from: Building Your Hollow Wood Surfboard (E-book, V3)


"Whether you surf or not, this is a great wood-working guide with a beautiful end-product. Easy to read, easy too use, and with a little time and patience, you'll soon have a piece of art to ride (or just look at and admire). I highly recommend this. Nothing rides like wood! Makes me want to live closer to the beach!~) "

By "Book-a-rino!" (United States)


Firstly, thanks for the information contained in your manual. I am a "graduate" of one of Paul Jensen's courses which I thoroughly enjoyed. In my quest for more knowledge I purchased your manual and plan for 9' board (what did I have to lose??) and thought it was great. I love the rails method, seems too good to be true. Oh, and by the way, I intend to buy a couple more plans whilst I am making the classic longboard."

Anthony in Australia

This review is from: Building Your Hollow Wood Surfboard (E-book, V3)


"Well worth the investment! This book comes detailed with everything....material lists, equipment needs, words on woods and glues, how to make a ripping jig with your table saw, making rails, nose and tail block, options to spoon, etc... everything!

Has tons of pictures to reference, includes plans to print out and you are on your way, even an amateur or complete novice to woodworking can figure this out. Working with wood is simple and you can always just get another piece of wood!

Even if you are an experienced builder, you would want to check out some of these techniques to incorporate.

I can't wait to get started on this many time can you make a piece of art and use it for fun!"

By user: xrugger

Mr. Dodd's book-matched beauty!

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David Gallagher's Quiver.

This review is from: Building Your Hollow Wood Surfboard (E-book, V3)


"Worth every penny. I've got two sweet boards in the shop to prove it!

By user - someguy