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Surfboard Questions:

Q: How much does a wooden surfboard board weigh?

A: Very comparable to a classic longboard. Usually around 20-30lbs

Q: What about dings and durability?

A: These boards are stiffer than a foam board BEFORE they even get glassed. After they get the standard 6oz glass coat they are very solid. Dings will be more of a silver spot than an actual ding. I have yet to have a ding take on water or even dimple a board. I have had a few HARD knee drops on the rails and the result was a mild silver streak in the finish. Should you get a ding harsh enough to allow water to penetrate, it should be fixed as soon as possible as the wood will soak up water or worse yet, leak through a seam. They react just like foam boards, if they are neglected long enough it will lead to discoloration and delam, sometimes even warpage.

Q: What's that screw on the tail?

A: That is a small vent screw made of corrosion proof nylon. Since the board is hollow, the air inside will expand and contract when exposed to different temperatures. Leaving it open when not in use allows the board to breathe, close it while in use to keep the water out.

Q: Does it HAVE TO have a vent?

A: Actually, no, I can add foam inside to displace the air. This makes it a bit more worry free, with only a slight gain in weight.

Q: They look nice, but do they surf?

A: HECK YEAH!! They are fast, SMOOTH, and they paddle very well, you will notice that the board has a very solid feel, and the weight is hardly noticeably in the water, other than the drive through the mushy sections.

Q: I would like to test drive one of your boards? Is that possible?

A: Absolutely! These are all that I surf anymore, so they are always in the water. We can swap boards in the water for a couple, as long as you know what you are doing and can stay out of the shore pound!

Checkout Questions:

Q: I used Send Owl Checkout but I didn't receive the download link:

A: If you missed the download link please email me at and provide your name and order information and I will send the link to you ASAP.

Build Questions:

Q: How long will it take me to build my own hollow wood surfboard?

A: Well, it's hard to say for sure, but I would say about a month for your first one, depending on your woodworking knowledge. It takes me about a week, since I have the jigs made and everything that I need.

Q: How long will it take to get my plans(or kit)?

A: Plans and Ebook will be sent via email usually with 1 hour of purchase. Just have them printed and glue them to the wood, then start cutting! Kits usually arrive in 2-12 business days.

Q: Why do you think your plans better?

A: Well, from my experiences, other "solid rail" building processes have a big flaw in the compound bend of the nose section. The miter edges on this area don't allow the rails to fully arc up with the nose section. You end up with either a flat nose, a slight "kink" in the board on each side of the nose, or a hole sanded through the decking trying to smooth it out. Some other plans are too loose in their design to be consistent, bending and gluing rails before attaching, which looks great on paper but once you release it from the jig, each side "releases" differently, changing the arc. Not to mention having square ribs that make your board either too thin or makes your rails too thick . That being said, they are great for making a nice "looking" board, but our shapes are designed to be consistent, manageable to build, and beyond "ride-able", they are truly Timeless Designs that will perform and last for a very long time.

Q: How much will it cost me to build one of these wooden surfboards?

A: It depends greatly on what kind of wood you use and where you buy it. You could make one for free using reclaimed lumber! If you bought all the wood at Lowe's or Home Depot, it should cost from $100-$200 (ripping cedar 2x6s) or alot more for pre-cut lumber or other species (not including glass)

Q: How much does it cost to glass one of these boards?

A: Using cheap resin you could glass one for about $60, epoxy is about twice that amount, paying for it to get done can be $250 and up, depending.

Q: Why cedar?

A: Cedar is a beautiful wood, the grain is very diverse, colors can vary dramatically for wonderful effects, it is light, cheap, mold and rot resistant, stronger than balsa, easy to work with, readily available, and to top it all off, it smells really good!

Q: Why should I build a wooden surfboard?

A: Why not?