Construction Pics

Skin all glued together

Skeleton on the jig, notice shims

Another frame on the jig

Soaking the rail strips

Bottom deck glued on and trimmed

Rails glued and trim begins

Rails trimmed and ready for top

Top glued on

Nose blocks being glued

Trimmed and beveled rails

Nose block shaped

This board has inner nose blocks.

Tail Block and vent installed

Finish shaping

Laminated with fiberglass

And the varnish!!!

Materials needed:

(2) 1/4" Thick Decking Material

(1) 1/2" to 1/4" Thick Plywood Spine

(12-14pc) 1/8" Thick Plywood Ribs

(8) Triangular Strips for Rails - 4 per side

Scraps for nose and tail blocks and fin box reinforcement

Gorilla Glue

Pine 2x4"s for rocker jig