About the Author

From Chad: My father always told me, "Don't be in a hurry to be a failure". This has helped me find the patience in most every project I have taken on, whether it be mechanics, art, or woodworking. This dedication can be seen in the construction details and finishing touches that make each board a work of art as well as a useable tool. The primary material used in construction is cedar, a very light weight wood with a variety of textures, colors and grain, providing excellent contrast and distinct patterns.

I have made surfboards of most every style and shape with various construction methods including foam, chambered wood, balsa, and pine, all of which have their pros and cons. All of these techniques and ideas have been combined to produce a board that is as fun and rewarding to build as it is to ride. Not as light as a foam board, but lighter than a comparable chambered board. They are more rigid and durable than most and, with proper care, a truly Timeless design than can be cherished for many many years.