9' 2" Cedar Glide Performance Longboard


9' 2" Long x 22.5" W  x 3" Thick

(279.4 cm x 57.2 cm x 7.6 cm)

   This performance longboard is based off an old Takayama D-2 that I used to have.  I loved it but it was too light for my liking, so I modded it a bit and came up with this gem!  It has a modern outline, down turned rails with harder rails towards the back, and a nice spoon nose to top it off makes this a slick little nose rider as well as a good performer.  With a modest entry rocker and a distinct kick in the tail.  This is my "go to" board for most conditions.  This board usually weighs about 22 lbs when finished, but weight can vary depending on your wood selection.

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