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"Can I make my own board like this?" That is the most common question that I get when folks come across my boards. Half of the fun of having a wooden surfboard is making it yourself! Not only do they look great, they have been designed to perform well, and the extra smoothness that comes with the wood surfboards makes it all that much nicer to ride.

Now you CAN build your own. I have refined my blueprints to be user friendly, having the rail layout pre-drawn and the concave option all laid out. Just print them out, paste them on, and cut out the pieces! Need extra help? I have put together a complete manual to accompany these plans, which covers rocker jig setup, ripping jigs, and some do's and don'ts to make the build easier for the first time builder. This book is in PDF Format and will be emailed to you. You need Acrobat Reader, which is on most all computers, or download it free here.

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"Nothing rides like a wooden board." I have heard it many times from many people, most of which I wrote off as bias opinions from the folks who sell them. But as soon as I caught my first wave on a well designed wood board, everything changed. Not only is the very sight of the board an inspiration to paddle out on an otherwise sloppy day, but the solid feel and drive as you run down the line begs you to never ride anything else.

I have developed hollow wood boards with domed decks, nice concaves, and V-tails all incorporated into the design, unlike other hollow surfboard plans that are flat and featureless.

This construction method is designed to produce versatile boards that are responsive and easy to paddle, yet durable and beautiful enough to be a wall hanger.

Buzz & Reviews

"Well worth the investment! This book comes detailed with everything....material lists, equipment needs, words on woods and glues, how to make a ripping jig with your table saw, making rails, nose and tail block, options to spoon, etc... everything! Has tons of pictures to reference, includes plans to print out and you are on your way, even an amateur or complete novice to woodworking can figure this out."

~ Amazon Review

"Worth every penny. I've got two sweet boards in the shop to prove it!"

~ Amazon Review

"(My board is) ready for glass....out of all the methods I've used I thought yours was the best.

Just though I'd let you know!"

~ David Gallagher

"I am glassing today, I should have fins on tomorrow and hot coat this weekend... Not too bad for a guy that never touched a piece of wood except to throw more in the fire.. Chad rules, I couldn't have done this without him!"

~ Grant Hartman of Cabo

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