Checkout Help

Q:   Can I pay with a Credit Card during Checkout?  I don't have a PayPal account.

A:   Just click the "Buy Now" button for the product you would like to purchase, then on the next screen you can choose "Pay with a debit credit card" under the login tabs.  No PayPal account needed!

Q:  The payment link says E-Junkie.  What is that?

A:  E-Junkie is a website that offers delivery of digital goods so you can access them immediately.  Payment is still processed securely through PayPal.

Q:  I am having trouble using the checkout, is there another way to buy your book and plans?

A:  Try my Ebay store!

Q:   I paid for the items, how do I download them?

A: After checkout you will be directed to a thank you page where you can choose CLICK HERE to go to the download page. The link to this page will also be sent to your email address.  If you still have trouble just email me at and I will look up your order and email the files directly to you after confirming payment.